4 Factors To Consider When Buying School Shoes in Singapore

As we have stated in previous articles on this blog, the importance of picking the right school shoe for your child cannot be understated. An ill-fitting shoe can give rise to a number of problems. This is, of course, something that nobody wants for their child.

Experts recommend replacing your school age child's shoes every 6 months to aid healthy foot growth. In this article, we will list 4 factors to be considered when choosing the right school shoe for your child.


Ensure that the shoe is a good fit

Perhaps this goes without saying, but ensuring that the shoe fits your child's foot well is extremely important. As such, you should always have your child fitted for shoes in-store. This need not be a daunting task, the expert team at Lim's School Shoes take pleasure in helping you and your child to find a school shoe that fits perfectly.


Try a variety of styles

As school shoes are a rather long-term investment, it is important that your child likes the shoe. Again, the team at Lim's can present you and your child with a number of options to ensure that you find a shoe that not just fits well, but is aesthetically pleasing too.


Consult your school's uniform style guide

It is common for school's to have strict uniform guidelines that must be adhered to. Your child's school will likely bring this to your attention before the school year starts or publish this information on their website. Make sure to check what is suitable before having your child fitted for shoes.


Consider the material used to make the shoe

This may seem like a minor detail but really should be considered seriously. Shabbily made shoes, produced using inferior materials, can have a negative effect on the health of your child's feet. At Lim's School Shoes, we are proud of our record of working with only the best manufacturers who use the highest quality materials. A good quality leather shoe will be durable, while also allowing your child's feet to breathe. Again, our team will help you to make the best choice for your child.

Listed in this article are just 4 factors that should be considered when buying school shoes, however you won't go wrong with the expert guidance on offer at Lim's School Shoes. We are proud of our 50 years of experience providing children and parents alike in Singapore with the very best school shoes and uniforms.